Freak Week: Anatomy Lessons

Diesel uses its head, and not much else, in a comical new video that we posted on AdFreak last week. The three-minute-plus clip, done by Spanish agency Shackleton to promote Diesel’s new line of motorcycle helmets, tells the faux-poignant story of Quique the Head. An Argentinean man evidently born without a body, he needs his Diesel helmet to protect him when he rolls off tables and down stairs. Quique has the kind of challenging life you’d expect for someone whose nervous, digestive and reproductive systems are all crammed into his skull. Yet we’re told his head “is not only full of strangely arranged organs, it’s also full of dreams.” Primary among them is finding a body to which he can attach himself. (Viewers can help him out at The wacky concept is paid off with great execution and wonderful details, and it’s easily one of the best videos we’ve seen this year.

After her outburst at the U.S. Open earlier this month, some wondered if Serena Williams might suffer repercussions in terms of endorsements. Not so. In fact, she’s adding to her corporate haul: Procter & Gamble’s Tampax brand last week said it would feature Williams in an upcoming campaign. And it would seem that Serena is a good fit for a brand that celebrates women who “live life on their own terms every day.”

Revelations of homosexuality, kinky sex outfits, wedding-day snogging with the father of your would-be husband — they may not be the most likely themes for sandwich shop ads. But Canada’s Mr. Sub goes with them anyway in a new campaign from Bos in Toronto, probably the oddest ads of the week. “Not everyone likes surprises,” the voiceover says, whether you’re talking about food from some no-name chain or your dad revealing to you and your nine siblings that he’s gay (actually, “like super, super gay”).

Finally, we posted the latest naked-celebrity PETA ad last week, starring Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With the Stars fame. The 31-year-old Russian beauty, who is a reformed fur wearer, follows in the naked footsteps of another DWTS alum, Steve-O, who posed for PETA in 2007. (Hopefully Tom DeLay won’t get any ideas.) “You can still be as chic as you can possibly want to be [without wearing fur],” Smirnoff said.

Best of BrandFreak: Steve Nash is one funny bugger

Add one part gruff-voiced spokesman and two parts too-soon Billy Mays parody, blend until frothy, and you’ve got a comical spoof infomercial for Vitaminwater that AdFreak’s sister blog, BrandFreak, posted last week. If you have trouble taking vitamins the old-fashioned way (who doesn’t?), “Canadian celebrity” Steve Nash, his headset and his gravelly voice want you to know there’s hope. The amusing spot is for the drink’s “flavorcreator” Facebook application, which people can use to design their own varieties of Vitaminwater. Nash, the Phoenix Suns star and two-time NBA MVP, is unexpectedly funny. The company also gives a cameo in the mock-infomercial to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who designed his own flavor a while back. Throughout his 20 seconds on camera, 50 delivers countless gems such as, “I mean, I’m so paid, man.” The funniest part of this ad is undoubtedly the actors’ facial expressions. If Vitaminwater could bottle them, it could finally make a good flavor without the help of its customers.