Fortis Long-Term Care Tests Hoffman Ads

Hoffman York in Milwaukee appeals to older people’s sense of personal responsibility in a TV, print and radio campaign that begins testing this week in Charlotte, N.C.
The effort is the first TV advertising for Fortis Long Term Care in Milwaukee, a division of Fortis Inc., New York, said Kellie Bliss, an account supervisor at Hoffman York.
Research indicated advertising in the long-term care insurance field often takes a rational approach, telling senior citizens that since there’s a good chance they’ll enter a nursing home or similar facility someday, they should plan accordingly, Bliss said.
Fortis takes a more emotional tack, appealing to members of the older generation who have traditionally prided themselves on self-sufficiency.
One of two 30-second TV spots juxtaposes senior citizens with those they have taken care of over the years–a veteran, his country; a woman, her family; a doctor, his patients; a teacher, her students; and a priest, his parish. The characters are backed with old photographs and footage. “Who’ll take care of me?” asks a no-nonsense woman. “I’ll take care of myself,” she answers firmly.
Print executions feature photos of graying citizens, with headlines that make a similar appeal. “They’ve spent 30 years saving for a rainy day,” reads the copy next to a happy couple. “It’s time they took advantage of a few sunny ones.”
“This is a very emotional issue,” Bliss said. “The advertising doesn’t have to make the sale; it has to get people to pay attention.

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