Fortify Makes Its Case in Print

NEW YORK Hanft Raboy & Partners said it has launched a new branding push for Fortify Software, a provider of advanced data systems security software.

The campaign from the New York-based agency, which targets technical and security officers, breaks this month. This marks the shop’s first work for Fortify since it added the account last July and introduces “Wouldn’t you rather know NOW?” as a tagline.

Print ads, banners and an online game are all in the mix. They present worst-case scenarios in which hackers break into supposedly secure databases.

One ad, “Russian,” shows a group of hackers partying on a yacht. A timeline tells the story of how they accessed a company’s database, leaving with 8 million credit card numbers.

Ads will run mainly in the technology and business press.

“Our timelines are powerful messages for anyone who’s ever worried about this issue. And they demonstrate why Fortify offers the superior solution,” said Doug Raboy, agency managing creative partner.