Fort Worth Paper’s Ads Take on Super Bowl

DALLAS The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has launched an ad campaign that compares the newspaper’s reach to high-profile broadcast alternatives, including American Idol and the Super Bowl.

The direct mail and print push claims about 43 percent of households in the region watched the 2007 Super Bowl while nearly 50 percent read that day’s Star-Telegram.

Ads that compare the newspaper to prime-time television state that on any given day, 46 percent more locals read the Star-Telegram than watch the top-rated prime-time television show.

“Reaching 78 percent of area adults each month is hardly the profile of a dying medium,” said Mike Winter, svp, advertising at the Star-Telegram. “Our aggregate print and online audience is holding share better than our broadcast brethren.”

Michael Boone, principal at the Dallas-based Launch Agency, developer of the campaign, added: “When we spoke to various media buyers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as part of our research for this project, they were taken aback at the facts we revealed about newspapers and their dominance. So, while you’re munching those Super Bowl nachos on Feb. 3, chew on this: the Star-Telegram‘s local Sunday readership would fill the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be played, 10 times over.”

Spending on the effort is approximately $500,000.