Fort Franklin Touts Golf for ESPN

BOSTON Independent agency Fort Franklin last week broke a new spot for ESPN promoting the cable network’s sponsorship of golf events.

“An ESPN-sponsored tournament can be intimidating for many golfers,” said Marc Gallucci, executive creative director of Fort Franklin in Boston. “We felt that by positioning this as a fun tournament open to serious and casual golfers alike, we are able to cast a bigger net for enrollment.”

The tongue-in-cheek 30-second TV ad features “Scott Campbell,” a fictitious golf instructor, hawking his latest product: a full-body eggsuit that is supposed to “conform your swing to the elliptical structure of the egg.” In the spot, Campbell gleefully announces, “Now I’m releasing my new product: Eggsuit! The key to a better game.” The execution also features “testimonials” from satisfied customers. One woman donning the unwieldy white suits says, “The mechanics of my swing are flawless now.”

Fort Franklin claims about $35 million in billings. The agency also has recently crafted print and interactive work for Bristol, Conn.-based ESPN, for which Fort Franklin works on a project basis.