Fort Franklin Boosts Cider Jack

“Start with a Cider Jack and see what happens,” serves as the tagline for Fort Franklin’s new TV spots for Cider Jack Hard Cider, a subsidiary of Bulmers America.

The work, which breaks in Boston this summer, proposes fantastic situations that might result from drinking Cider Jack.

A voiceover in one execution asks, “What if it was made to make you fly?” A man sitting with his friends proceeds to fly across the bar after consuming Cider Jack. Other spots explore what would happen if Cider Jack made hair grow, came with a stunt double or made you invisible.

“Not everyone drinks [cider] all night,” said Marc Gallucci, president/creative director of the 15-person Boston agency. “It’s easier to transition from cider to beer. The ads are saying maybe your night will be different if you start your night with a Cider Jack.”

The spots, which target males aged 21-25, will run through the summer in the Boston market. Framingham, Mass.-based Bulmers handled media chores in-house. Spending was not disclosed.

The campaign includes four TV spots, print ads, a redesigned Web site and various other pieces of “branded entertainment,” such as short films and interactive games on, Gallucci said.

The branded entertainment strategy is designed to strengthen clients’ marketing campaigns by featuring the product and capturing the brand’s message in a piece of entertainment which consequently becomes a part of popular culture. Branded entertainment can be anything from video shorts to promotional events, Gallucci said.

“Branded entertainment is where advertising will go eventually,” he said. “Traditional media can only go so far with a certain method of advertising. [Branded entertainment] is about using everything available. The goal is to engage people with the brand.” Fort Franklin, which launched two years ago, recently moved into a three-story building in Boston’s South End neighborhood.