Former CEO to Head Bellamax

NEW YORK Julie Wainwright, the former chief executive of and, has been named CEO of online photo enhancement company, Bellamax.

As head of and, Wainwright was responsible for building some of the first electronic selling infrastructures that helped introduce customers to the concept of online shopping.

“Bellamax has a huge opportunity, as the $25 billion consumer photography market transitions to digital,” said Sharon Wienbar, director of BA Venture Partners and a Bellamax board member, in announcing the appointment. “The Board sought a disciplined consumer technology executive who has experience bringing great technology to broad adoption.”

Prior to joining the Mountain View Calif.-based Bellamax, Wainwright most recently served as the interim CEO of OntheFrontier, an East Coast-based strategic consulting firm for emerging growth countries. She served as CEO of, where she created the sock puppet marketing campaign;, which was sold to Hollywood Entertainment; and earlier for Berkeley Systems.