formal request

Like wallflowers yearning for a spin on the dance floor, countless ball gowns and cocktail dresses hang listlessly in closets throughout Los Angeles.

So believe the organi zers of the Cinderella Project, a local nonprofit campaign that is urging area residents to search their homes for gowns and formalwear that disadvantaged teens can wear to the prom.

The effort is the first pro-bono work from L.A. shop a.k.a. Robaire since it was established late last year. The shop’s copywriter, Robin Fitzgerald, came up with print executions using pastel colors, flowery lettering and some offbeat humor.

“Please donate a dress for prom. Unless you’re a psycho freak named Carrie,” reads one. Another says, “Prevent ‘I See London, I See France’ from becoming the most-requested song at prom. Donate a dress.”

“Soft pastels and a syrupy font are staples of every prom night,” said agency principal Jean Robaire. “Add those to some not-so-innocent thoughts and something twisted happens.”

“Every woman remembers her prom night,” Fitzgerald added. “We just played up the inherent humor in those memories.”