Foria Encourages Women to Find the Art in Their ‘O-Face’ in Pleasure-Centric Campaign

The brand is celebrating a decade of sexual wellness advocacy with a monthlong scavenger hunt 

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Foria wants women to find the beauty in moments of pleasure—and be their own muses in the process.

The pioneering female sexual wellness brand—which will celebrate a decade in the space next year—has launched its latest campaign centered on finding and creating these moments and sharing them for fun. Another enticement for consumers to participate? Cool swag. 

Created in-house, the brand’s “OG O-Face” campaign has brazenly lifted classical works of art depicting women in various states of … um … enjoyment and cheekily snuck some of its best-known plant-based products, such as Awaken Oil, into the centuries-old pieces.  

The amusingly unsubtle (and semi-NSFW) visuals are a nod to the history of women’s pleasure as depicted in famous paintings and portraits. That tradition is being revisited and adapted in the modern world, despite still being a taboo subject that continues to battle censorship and stigma.  

“Foria’s ‘OG O-Face’ campaign is a celebration of women’s sexual pleasure throughout history, acknowledging how expressions of pleasure in art and media have informed our understanding of sexuality,” Liz Dolinski, Foria’s CMO, told Adweek. “As the original brand to address the need for products supporting women’s sexual pleasure, Foria is dedicated to destigmatizing sexual wellness and sensuality as a foundational part of human health.”  

Foria’s previous marketing includes an ad series in 2022 that aimed to normalize masturbation, backed by research that found more people masturbate than practice yoga, run or read. The work came from TDA Boulder.

Finding the ‘O’ spot  

The “OG O-Face” campaign includes a nationwide scavenger hunt, in which the brand has encouraged fans to capture art and images “in the wild.” The goal is to represent real-world O-faces—which the brand defines as a look of arousal, seduction or, more specifically, an orgasm—and share them on social.

Adventurous participants can share shots of their own O-faces, with each entrant having a chance to win a year’s supply of the brand’s selected hero products, a $100 gift card or a membership to their local museum when they tag the brand. 


For fans located in New York, Foria and its PR agency, RVD Communications, partnered with the Brooklyn Museum, which hosted an after-hours activation to kick off the campaign. Guests received booklets containing images and trivia on the art curated by the museum’s staff, especially for the “Scavenger Hunt Celebrating Female Pleasure and Power.”

Featured items include Egyptian artifacts, a work by renowned modernist painter Georgia O’Keefe, and Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party,” the museum’s permanent installation of a triangular table with 39 intricate place settings based on famous historical and mythical women surrounded by tiles inscribed with the names of 999 others.   

Booklets for the hunt will also be available to museum visitors through the event, which ends March 31. 

“Pleasure has always been a natural part of humanity,” Dolinski said. “In encouraging folks to explore depictions of pleasure in art and media—both ancient and contemporary—we hope to help women reconnect with their nature and encourage conversations on why women, in particular, are being left out of the pleasure narrative.” 

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