Forget About The 3 Tenors

Austin, Texas, shop T3 is holding a can’t-miss party for clients and friends on April 1.
If the event lives up to its publicity materials, clients are sure to classify it as an affair to remember.
Invitations went out last week, printed up to resemble county fair posters to match the “T3 Fair” theme for the agency’s annual April Fool’s bash. Included were numerous incentives for invitees, such as “Eat a corn dog!” “See a cow!” and “Meet ad execs!”
In addition to promises of wine, beer and food, the shop presented a “bottom line” reason for coming.
“Come see your billing dollars frivolously spent,” the copy boasts.
T3 president Gay Gaddis should hope her roster is teeming with fans of party headliner Don Walser. The Texas country and western yodeling legend, billed as the “Pavarotti of the Plains,” is probably getting the bulk of those funds.
–Glen Fest