A Ford First: Women St. John Targets Females for Florida Dealers

The Florida-based Southern Ford Dealers group is targeting women for the first time in a humorous new advertising campaign developed by St. John & Partners in Jacksonville, Fla.
St. John & Partners created a television campaign addressing women’s concerns when purchasing a vehicle–safety, security, reliability and price. The effort also ties into NASCAR, which has a fast-growing female fan base, according to additional agency research.
Appealing to women is “an obvious opportunity and it has not been capitalized on,” said St. John & Partners (SJ&P) president and chief creative officer Bruce Broder, who joined the agency in May.
Filmed at a motor speedway in North Carolina, the commercials feature a woman conducting sassy repartee with Ford NASCAR drivers Dale Jarrett, Bill Elliott and Rusty Wallace. In the spot promoting Ford’s Taurus model, the woman interrogates Jarrett about his race car, comparing it to the Taurus. In another, she finds Ford Explorer’s remote keyless entry superior to Wallace’s technique of climbing through the race car’s window: “I bet that gets old,” the woman says. Each spot also pitches the current rebate and low financing deal for various Ford models.
The campaign for the group of car dealerships breaks in Alabama, Florida and Georgia in early October on spot network and cable television.
Broder said another SJ&P Ford co-op client with dealerships in Louisiana and Mississippi will run the same advertising campaign. He added that other Ford dealers around the country have expressed interest in the spots.