New Ford Fiesta Campaign Will Be Entirely User-Generated

Creative for TV, print and digital to derive from social

Ford’s TV, print and digital advertising for the 2014 Fiesta model will be based on user-generated content, the auto giant announced this morning. The all-in approach to UGC is the the freshest piece to the brand's rekindling of a "Fiesta Movement" initiative it first used in 2009, employing creative juice from dozens of consumers as if they were spark plugs.

In 2009, countless consumers entered to be one of 100 so-called digital influencers who received a free Fiesta for six months. Selected individuals were responsible to complete monthly "challenges" and expected to regularly post about the car on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In the end, more than 6,000 people pre-ordered the Fiesta, while the effort accumulated 6.2 million YouTube views, 40 million Twitter impressions and 50,000 pieces of content.

With those kinds of numbers—and in a 2013 that's comparatively more digital/social—Ford brass seemingly cannot help but play it again. Yet this year, the participants will influence creative for the integrated campaign that’s set to debut in the coming months.

"It's the first in terms of making the totality of the campaign about user-generated content," claimed Scott Monty, Ford's social media lead, after his Social Media Week presentation today. "We've seen commercials that have been crowd-sourced. We've seen elements of campaigns that have been user-generated. This is an entirely user-generated campaign."

This year's run will offer consumers the chance, once again, to be one of 100 brand ambassadors that get a limited-time gratis Fiesta—though this time for eight months with gas and insurance expenses included. Monthly challenges will again be a part of the social media-driven mix. While in 2009 the drivers were all consumers, there will be a smattering of celebrities and Fiesta Movement alumni in the mix during 2013.

In terms of media buys, Ford will partner with American Idol, the Summer X Games and the Bonoaroo Music Festival to promote Fiesta Movement. WPP's Team Detroit is leading the initiative.

"There will be substantial paid media with all of our partners," Monty added. "And it's not just with the big [TV] shows. There are integrations with traditional, digital and social platforms that we’ve been a part of—Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc. It will be a fully integrated paid campaign."