Ford Backs Blue Oval Program

Ford Motor Co. promotes the community involvement of some of its employees in an upcoming print campaign for its Blue Oval Certified dealership program.

The effort from J. Walter Thompson in Detroit highlights the activities of two Ford dealership workers who were chosen from more than 200 nominations made by dealership staff, said Ford division marketing communications manager Rich Stoddart.

The ads break in September issues of various lifestyle and enthusiast publications, including Family Circle. Additional employees are also featured in advertorials in regional publications.

“I think what sets this apart is how real and human and tangible it is,” Stoddart said. “These are real things that these people are doing in their communities and in the dealerships.”

The print effort runs through the end of the year, and complements other elements of the Blue Oval campaign that are already underway. TV spots broke in April to introduce the program to consumers. More than 3,600 Ford dealers—about 90 percent—have achieved certification or are in the process of doing so. Certified dealers must meet a set of customer satisfaction criteria.

There are also Internet and event components to the campaign. The documentary-style TV spots from feature dealership personnel and customer testimonials.