Ford Ads ‘Driven’ by Ogilvy

NEW YORK-Ogilvy & Mather will employ the theme “Driven by you” in its first corporate image campaign for the Ford Motor Co., sources said last week.
The new theme will replace “Quality is job 1,” which has been running for more than a decade. Ford moved its corporate account to Ogilvy from Wells Rich Greene BDDP, New York, in November 1996.
Rather than touting the durability of Ford models, sources said the new work highlights the theme that Ford understands the vital role that cars and trucks play in consumers’ lives. It illustrates that Ford designs its products to fit customer needs.
The spots in development take a lighthearted tone, sources said. One 60-second “anthem spot,” for example, features a list of fun facts, including the percentage of babies conceived in cars.
Other TV spots will focus on the features and services, such as floor lights and roadside assistance.
Print ads in development also take a humorous tack, sources said. One shows a large man sitting on a beach while discussing the joys of adjustable seats. Another ad depicts a tornado racing down a road, while highlighting the V-8 engine found in Ford vehicles.
Four or five new TV spots, as well as a half-dozen print ads, are planned for the new campaign, which will break in the fourth quarter, said sources. The agency and client considered dozens of themes, including, “Ford. You live. We learn.”
Executives at Ogilvy and Ford either declined to comment or could not be reached.
Ford plans to back the new image ads with roughly $40 million in ad spending, said sources. The campaign will run initially in North America but is envisioned as a global effort. Through July, Ford ranked as the leading nameplate in the U.S. with just under 2 million cars and trucks sold. -with David Kiley