Overall Billings Growth: Up 1% to $591 million: (grade C)
Clients Lost: $12.5 million including No-Nonsense, and Sunbeam-Oster: (grade C+)
New Clients: $36.5 million including Ace Hardware, Wesley-Jessen and Louis Rich: (grade B-)
Growth From Current Clients: Down 0.3% or $1.5 million: (grade C-)
Creativity: Some breakthrough work with Canada Dry and Citicorp. Coors Light Leslie Nielsen work hits the mark, but then reverts back to babes on the beach: (grade B-)
Management Savvy: Bit of a revolving door at FCB this year with accounts, but a strong new business showing from Mitch Engel and his team: (grade A-)
Teachers Comments: A strong, stable shop that needs to let new creative head Eric Weber raise the bar.
Overall Grade: B-
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