food for thought

Jack in the Box may be the first fast-food chain to tackle teenage sexual identity angst in a TV commercial.
But it is, of course, done tongue-in-cheek.
The 30-second spot is the latest in the long-running campaign from Kowloon Wholesale Seafood Co. It’s shot in a mock documentary style, and opens with the Ping-Pong headed CEO/
spokesman Jack rapping with a group of teens.
A girl asks, “Jack, how do you know if you’re a lesbian?” He initially appears surprised, but in his trademark smooth style, quickly shifts the discussion to his favorite passion: Jack in the Box food. “Don’t be afraid to talk about burgers,” he advises his young assemblage. He then goes on to describe the chain’s 99-cent Jumbo Jack burger. The girl thanks him at the end for his pearls of wisdom.
Agency creative director Dick Sittig said the spot pokes fun at companies that pander to their audience.
“[The ad] neither celebrates nor denigrates lesbianism,” he said.
“To keep the campaign fresh, we have to try a broad range of things.”
The spot broke last week on regional cable and network TV. It is airing only after 10 p.m. –Angela Dawso