Fogarty, ‘Out of Jail,’ Gets Off to a Great ’01 Start

Fogarty Klein Monroe has picked up more than $20 million in new business from formerclients of Berry-Brown Advertising at its Dallas office.

New accounts include ConAgra brands Wolf Brand Chili and Manwich sloppy joe sauce, as well as Daisy Brand Sour Cream, sausage-maker Jimmy Dean Foods and online medical information resource

The account gains follow Fogarty’s recruitment late last year of Jim Hradecky, the former president of the defunct Berry-Brown, as well as several of that agency’s staffers. With the exception of some Quaker Oats brands and Hispanic advertising business, all of Berry-Brown’s former clients have relocated to Fogarty in Dallas, which now operates as a full-service agency.

Said Hradecky: “Once we had agreed to take a whack at creating this in Dallas, I contacted the clients and several were excited about it. One of the things that excited me about this prospect is that Fogarty has [public relations] capabilities, direct capabilities, a lot of depth that at Berry-Brown we just weren’t able to offer because of our size.”

The new client list dovetails with Fogarty’s own, which also includes ConAgra brands Chef Boyardee, Ranch Style Beans, Rotel and Dennison Chili Products.

Fogarty partner Rich Klein said the new wins herald the agency’s return to regional prominence following the near disastrous bankruptcy of parent Lois/USA and the partners’ subsequent buyback of their company last year.

“Bill [Fogarty] and I came back and retained control of our business,” Klein said. “Last year we were able to recapitalize the company and continue to invest in resources we think will take us well into the future. We have not only survived but have thrived. Last year we were just getting out of jail. This year we’re off to a great start.”

With the new clients, projected billings for the Dallas office will exceed $30 million.