Fogarty, Cranford Go Digital

Houston, Little Rock Shops Form Interactive Support Divisions
DALLAS–Two of the Southwest’s largest agencies have launched interactive divisions this month.
Houston-based Fogarty Klein Monroe has established an alliance with Insource Technology Corp., also in Houston, to offer Web marketing services as The two companies will present their online services jointly to new and existing clients.
Established in 1992 by Compaq co-founder Rod Canion, Insource Technology provides consulting services to clients including AIM Management Group, Conoco and
The group has already done work for several new Web-based clients, including, a storage space exchange and online inventory tracking tool.
According to Fogarty, a key part of the e2Focus process will be an online customer research panel that will provide continuous feedback on the relevance of Web site information and the effectiveness of a venue’s technology.
Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods in Little Rock, Ark., has formed a digital division called imazing!CJRW.
Heading the new group are Simon Lee and James Little, formerly marketing and information services coordinator and chief information officer, respectively, with the Arkansas Department of Economic Development.
The division will continue to work with existing Web design partners and will not initially result in new staff hirings, said CJRW president and chief executive officer Frank Cox.
The function of imazing!CJRW will be to move the agency’s approximately 50 clients currently on the Web “to using the Net as a communications tool in ways that may touch inventory and accounting but certainly customer service and other ways,” Cox said.
“The magic really comes into how you integrate it with the resources we already have [as an agency],” Cox said, noting that imazing!CJRW will allow and even train clients to modify their own Web sites.
The agency is also launching an advertising, direct mail and e-mail campaign within Arkansas promoting the new division.
Fogarty, with revenue last year of $21 million, ranks seventh on Adweek’s list of top 50 agencies in the Southwest. CJRW, with revenue of $11 million, ranks 12th. K