Focus Group Is A Wet Blanket

Following focus group testing on its new work for MovieFone, Ryan, Drossman & Partners has learned that there are some things you just can’t say in a spot.

The New York agency breaks new work for the client to run in movie theaters starting this month. The spots pit a pompous psychic named Cornelius against savvy competitors in a game show called ‘The Psychic Challenge.’

In one spot, ‘retired seamstress Ethel Strassberg’ must race the all-seeing one to discover what action movie just opened. By calling MovieFone, Ethel has the answer in no time–Cornelius is left in the dust, able only to announce,’I see a dark place filled with people.’

A second spot (shown here), however, may never see the dark of a movie theater. In this case, Cornelius is quickly defeated by 8-year-old Jason Brubacher–thanks to MovieFone–and can only reply, ‘At least I don’t wet my bed.’

Unfortunately, the agency didn’t foresee focus groups being unamused by bed-wetting. Neil Drossman, creative director at the agency, takes the situation with a pinch of salt: ‘We’ll just try to change the ending on ‘Jason’ and see what we can do from there.’

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