Flying nuns

In hopes of getting more young women to the nunnery, an Indianapolis shop is turning to a higher power: Cyberspace. Young & Laramore is creating a Web site for the Order of Carmelite Sisters with the goal of attracting recruits, said creative director Carolyn Hadlock.

“They are hoping the Web will be an effective vehicle for recruitment,” Hadlock said. The sisters have a monastery in Indianapolis and have typically not used advertising to enhance their numbers, said the shop’s president, Paul Knapp. The Web site is in creative development with a launch date set for next month, Knapp said.

The approach mirrors one taken by DDB Chicago, which launched a Web page earlier this month for the Chicago Archdiocese in search of potential priests. On the page, visitors are presented with questions such as, “Dreaming of a white-collar job? Inquire within. Click here.”