A Flyer That Really Flies

Solay Keller allows Jeff Provenzano, an agency intern, to make most of the good points in its new business proposal letters.
Provenzano also makes most of the creases and folds required for the paper airplane included in each of the 20-40 introductory correspondence packages the shop sends out each month.
The plane is actually a folded agency flyer. It features a collage of ads created for clients.
Shop chairman and creative director Dick Solay said he learned his folding technique at P.S. 139 in Cambria Heights, Queens, but perfected the skill at Brooklyn Tech.
Ed Keller, agency president and director of client services, said that while Solay teaches the interns how to fold, Solay is not above risking a paper cut here and there either.
Designer Lisa Garra and Provenzano tried out several models of planes on the roof earlier this year.
After Adweek tested the craft at its state-of-the-art aviation facility (an office corridor), our experts rated its flying ability a nine out of a possible 10.