Flower Power

To create a buzz for Philadelphia’s 170th annual flower show–the largest such indoor event in the world–Tierney & Partners got down to basics.
A print ad (shown here) for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corp. shows a bee zooming over a curvy road with a sign in the distance reading, “Philadelphia Next Exit.” Copy says: “Follow your instincts Give us a buzz.”
A corresponding TV spot for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society features a plastic flower that dances to lounge music. “There are flower shows,” a graphic explains, “and there are flower shows.” The week-long show, expected to draw more than 300,000, takes place next month at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
Last year, the Philadelphia shop used a watercolor of beautiful flowers to generate buzz. The change was made to broaden appeal beyond flower lovers and reach a younger set.
“We wanted to create some intrigue,” explained agency chief creative officer Rochelle Klein, “and do it in a surprising visual way.” –Andrew McMains