Florida Ballot Inspires Ad

While busy running his own ad agency & Wojdyla, David Wojdyla did, like the the rest of the nation, look on in fascination as Palm Beach County’s “butterfly ballot” became an infamous point of contention in a presidential election that refused to end.

Being a career ad man, he also figured it was perfect fodder for some self-promotion.

In a day, he and colleague Gayle Dieck had put together a print ad showing the two-paged ballot, which so many people, mostly Democrats, apparently found confusing, above the headline, “Never underestimate the role of good design.” Below that was the Chicago agency’s name and Web site.

The ad ran in last Monday’s Wall Street Journal after some hastily placed calls to secure space.

“It seemed like the perfect opportunity to gently remind people, especially clients, that there’s something to be said for good design,” Wojdyla said.