flights of fancy

The holiday travel season has begun, and mint-maker Altoids is taking advantage of it.
The manufacturer of the curiously strong candies continues its guerrilla-marketing efforts–which have included designing a tugboat in New York to look like an Altoids tin–by placing a 1,000-square-foot banner on a warehouse near O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.
The sign, created by Leo Burnett for the Rye Brook, N.Y., unit of Kraft Foods, is distinguishable by its off-green color. Copy reads, “Look out below,” and the banner is visible to passengers on the flight path to and from O’Hare.
“We thought that was another unexpected place for Altoids to show up,” said assistant account executive Jeff Grace at Burnett.
But do not expect airplane pilots to draw passengers’ attention to the banner, ˆ la the Grand Canyon and other sites of interest. Grace said he has flown over the ad twice and there has been no comment from the cockpits.
–Aaron Baar