Fleet Goes to the Ball Game

Hill, Holliday Spots Tout Bank’s Sponsorship of Major Leagues
BOSTON–With the Red Sox and Yankees battling for first place, FleetBoston Financial today launches a multimedia campaign here and in New York highlighting the financial institution’s sponsorship of Major League Baseball.
The image ads are Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos’ first significant advertising effort for the client since Fleet last year acquired competitor BankBoston, awarding its $40 million combined account with the Boston agency.
Previously, Arnold Communications, Boston, handled Fleet while Hill, Holliday worked for BankBoston.
The campaign is intended to underscore Fleet’s increased size and help establish it as a premier financial services brand, said Hill, Holliday executive vice president Karen Kaplan.
Last year, Fleet’s baseball-related spots from Arnold drew parallels to the bank itself playing in the financial “big leagues.” Hill, Holliday takes a different approach, however, placing the spotlight on young baseball fans.
Describing the effort as “awareness and favorability advertising,” Bob Hand, senior vice president of corporate marketing at FleetBoston, said roughly 10 percent of the client’s annual media budget will be spent on the baseball ads.
One 30-second spot, titled “Pedro,” focuses on a boy named Samuel who insists that family and friends call him Pedro in honor of Red Sox pitching ace Pedro Martinez, a native of the Dominican Republic, where the spot was filmed. The dia-logue is spoken in Spanish with English subtitles, closing with the line, “For the game we love. And Pedros everywhere.”
A second spot, “Girl,” features a youngster who rigs a homemade radio antenna so she can listen to baseball games. The execution ends with the tag, “For the game we love. And fans everywhere.”
The spots will run through the summer during sports and prime time programming. K