fleece out

Some New York City taxi passengers will be greeted this holiday season by fleece-lined back seats, courtesy of Old Navy.

The San Francisco-based clothing marketer has teamed up with Medallion Financial Corp.’s taxi-media division to outfit the passenger seats of 400 yellow cabs with bright red Performance Fleece fabric emblazoned with the Old Navy logo. The two-week effort began last Tuesday.

“You’re so used to getting grey vinyl when you ride in a cab,” said Jonathan Finn, director of public relations for Old Navy. “Now, you have this nice touch of fleece.”

Ads on top of the cabs read “Fleece out … climb in!”, while stickers on the passenger windows advise, “Step inside for a warmer ride.”

The program complements the brand’s current TV push, which features Morgan Fair child and five finalists from American Idol playing “Family Fleece,” Old Navy’s version of Family Feud.

For every ride taken in a “fleece” taxi, Old Navy will make a donation to New York Cares to purchase warm clothing and other basics for families in need.