‘Flash’ Taco

TDA Advertising & Design’s new spots for Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurants in Colorado have customers asking for “Flashdance Pepsi.”

One of the three new 30-second commercials from the Boulder-based agency opens with two kids approaching a Wahoo’s counter with awe. A cheesy voiceover hawks collectors’ cups that it claims were featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Flashdance and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but they turn out to be plain Pepsi cups.

Clutching his cup, the first kid mumbles, “Flashdance collectors’ cups are cool.” His pal replies, “Very cool.”

They were cool enough to cause Colorado consumers to ask for “Flashdance Pepsi” days after the spot’s introduction, said Jonathan Schoenberg, creative director and copywriter on the campaign.

Outdoor, print and two more TV spots for the Santa Ana, Calif.-based client started rolling out earlier this month. In the work, TDA mocks movie meal deals—which, Schoenberg said, always seemed “evil”—as well as ad agencies. The copy reads, “Advertising agencies lie. Tacos don’t.”

If agencies truly do lie, should we believe that consumers want “Flashdance Pepsi?” We’ll take TDA’s word.