FKM Is Upbeat for HCA Heart Care

DALLAS A new 30-second television spot from Fogarty Klein Monroe for HCA Affiliated Hospitals in honor of February’s Heart Month gets its message across with the song “You Gotta Have Heart” from the Broadway musical Damn Yankees.

To the accompaniment of the upbeat standard, the commercial shows a physician, a runner, a computer scientist, a Hell’s Angel and others revealing their “hearts” in different ways. Heart-shaped balloons, a tattoo, a graphic on a computer monitor and a painting on a canvas flash on the screen to represent each person’s heart.

“The overall tone of the commercial is happy and hopeful,” said Suzie Jennings, senior vice president and creative director at Houston-based FKM. “We can take that approach because of the very positive outcomes HCA generates in their heart care.”

The spots are part of the Olympic Gold Sponsorship Package that HCA and the Woman’s Hospital of Texas are sharing. The media buy consists of 16 prime-time spots during the Winter Olympics on KPRC-TV, 50 spots or more that will run throughout other time slots during the Olympics, including weekends, late night and news on KPRC-TV, and one spot per hour on all Olympic cable coverage for a total value of more than $500,000, the agency said.