first nixon, now the ads

Moses Anshell, the ad agency for politically themed bar and grill Nixon’s in Phoenix, is literally up in arms in astonishment as two of its ads for the restaurant have been rejected by Outdoor Systems, one of the nation’s major billboard operators.

“Portions big enough for Deep Throat,” blares the block-type headline above a silhouette image of Richard Nixon—V-fingered salutes flailing—in one of the offending ads. Though it’s a Watergate reference, the phrase Deep Throat, taken from the landmark porn film of the era, was apparently too much for Outdoor to take.

“I can’t believe it’s that big of a deal to these Arizona ad weenies,” huffs Louie Moses, the agency’s president and chief creative officer.

The second rejected board reads: “God, Country, Happy Hour.” That one was turned down apparently because it uses “God” and “Happy Hour” in the same sentence.

Moses allows that there’s an expanding grey area over what’s acceptable on billboards, but thinks he’s on the right side of the line. “They put up ads with half-naked women and then get concerned when we want to say something about Watergate,” he scoffs.

Undeterred, Moses Anshell is preparing a TV spot for Nixon’s directed at younger voters that’s rumored to be just as biting as the outdoor stuff.

Outdoor Boards could not be reached for comment. AFP/NEWSCOMFoodPixMICHAEL S. YAMASHITA/CORBIS