First-Half Internet Ad Spending Rises

NEW YORK–While overall ad spending dropped 0.2 percent for the first half of 2002, Internet ad expenditures rose nearly 2 percent versus the same time a year ago, according to the latest report from CMR.

The New York-based company that tracks ad spending in major media reported that Internet ad revenues reached $1.532 billion for the first half, compared to $1.504 billion a year earlier. Total ad spending for the first half came in at $53.7 billion, down from $53.8 billion for the same timeframe in 2001.

The media categories outpacing the Internet, in terms of spending growth in the first half, included Spanish-language TV (26.7 percent), national, spot and local radio (7.5 percent), local newspapers (6.3 percent), network TV (4.2 percent) and spot TV (4 percent). Ad revenue for B2B magazines took the biggest hit, plummeting 20.8 percent versus to a year ago.

In June, CMR predicted that Internet ad spending would jump 5.3 percent for full year 2002 and that overall ad spending for the year would increase 2.5 percent to $109.1 billion [IQ Daily Briefing, June 26].

–Ann M. Mack