Fires on the Mountain, From Land Rover

NEW YORK As part of the recently launched campaign for the new Land Rover LR2 from WPP Group’s Young & Rubicam, the Irvine, Calif., office of the agency made three documentaries about the role volcanoes play in Hawaii, where the TV spots were shot.

The campaign, which is set to run from April through July, will include two 30-second and two 15-second spots, as well as out-of-home, guerilla, interactive and radio executions. The TV spots show the vehicles driving around volcanic lava flows.

The three-minute documentaries are on the Land Rover Web site and do not having branding in them. The agency is trying to place them on in-flight programming and independent film channels as content. If the shop succeeds, then branding will be added.

“The videos are more about the scientists who are exploring volcanoes and less about the car. It’s more about what these people are doing,” said Sally Eastwood, vp, marketing at Land Rover. “It really came into being as a way to showcase performance and capability while also being able to educate people.”

Mick Kalber of Tropical Visions Video and also the volcanographer seen interviewed in one of the shorts shot the documentaries. Nico Beyer of Crossroads Films directed the TV spots.

One, entitled the “Spirit of Pele,” deals with the Hawaiian legend that Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes, created the Hawaiian Islands. It shows streaming lava and people, including a volcanographer (someone who films volcanoes) and native Hawaiians talking about the fiery mountains of death.

“We wanted to fill out the campaign and add another dimension to it,” said Jeff Heath, associate creative director and copywriter. “Land Rover is about authenticity. These documentaries are about real people telling real stories.”