Firefly Joins San Jose Network

NEW YORK Firefly has joined Chicago-based marketing communications group the San Jose Network, adding entertainment expertise and creative experience to its overall service offering.

Miami-based Firefly was launched in September.

San Jose Network’s executive director Tatiana Vieira said adding Firefly would help the network “create [strategies] that set new trends in the marketplace” in terms of linking brands and entertainment.

Firefly was spun off from Miami-based creative shop The Lab, by one of that company’s co-founders, Hector Prado. The new agency has already developed projects for clients such as American Airlines, HBO and Procter & Gamble. In addition to its Miami staff, Firefly has creative teams based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“With the announcement of Firefly’s launch, several agency networks approached me,” said Prado. “With the alliance with the San Jose Network, I know that we can help each other mutually.”

Prado has already set out to develop a creative circle involving some of the 25 agencies that form the network in U.S. Hispanic communities and Latin America. For Firefly, a company with nine staffers, the greatest advantage of joining the network is to leverage its media planning and buying capabilities.

Earlier this year, the San Jose Network became affiliated with PM Publicidad, a Hispanic ad agency in Atlanta with clients such as Arby’s and the Georgia Lottery. Castell & Asociados of Los Angeles is another U.S. Hispanic agency in the network.