Firebrand All-Ad Video Network Set to Debut

NEW YORK Sure, people in the advertising industry would jump at the chance to watch a channel showing nothing but commercials. But does the average person want to do the same?

Firebrand is betting they do.

Firebrand provides a way to watch television commercials on TV, the Internet and mobile phones. The company said that it would show only the “best of the best” of American and international spots.

Investors in the company include Microsoft, NBC Universal and GE’s Peacock Equity Fund. Adweek Media is a Firebrand partner. In August the USA Network, part of NBC Universal, said it would start a Web site dedicated to commercials in 2008., a play on “Did you see that?” was the name of the offering. That effort has reportedly been shelved in favor of Firebrand.

“Firebrand enters the media landscape as the era of the commercial interruption is coming to an end,” said John A. Lack, co-founder, CEO, in a statement. “We curate the best TV commercials and promotions from around the world—connecting consumers directly with their favorite brands in an integrated environment.”

The TV channel will launch Oct. 22 on the ION Television Network. On the Web, programming will be available at,, and iTunes.

It will be targeted at Generation Y, a group the company said spends $200 billion annually and accounts for 40 percent of Internet shopping. “Firebrand takes the traditional method of programming television commercials and turns it on its head,” said Roman Vinoly, co-founder, CCO, in a statement. “We program TV spots like a DJ spins music in a club. There is a rhythm and flow to it.”

The company joins TBS, which launched last year, and Droga5, which plans to premiere later this year, an infomercial site for young people.