Finishing school

The Finishing Group in Milwaukee figures it could teach clients a thing or two about the making of TV commercials, and perhaps improve its own marketing efforts in the process.
The post-production house is offering lessons in film and video production through “The Finishing School.” The four-hour course is aimed at clients who, among other things, “have no idea what types of special effects they can include in an ad, based on budget and feasibility,” according to Andrew Tallon, the shop’s creative director.
The company says the lessons are needed more than ever since the amount of creative work done in the final stages of production has grown with advancements in technology.
The school will be limited to 10 people per session. Classes are scheduled for July 21 and 28 and August 11, 18 and 25. They will be held at The Finishing Group’s Milwaukee offices.
To register, call (414) 277-7678, or go online at
–Trevor Jensen