Fingerectomy At Yellow Pages

After nearly four decades, the Yellow Pages folks will stop giving us the finger.
The well-known “walking fingers” symbol that has been used by the telephone directory to convince us to do our legwork in the Yellow Pages is going the way of other retired advertising icons like Speedy Alka-Seltzer and Mr. Whipple. Its replacement will be a light bulb.
In its first national marketing campaign since the 1980s, the Yellow Pages Publishers Association (YPPA) is positioning the book as “an idea source,” hence the decision to bring on the bulb.
The change is part of a $24 million advertising campaign breaking over the next several weeks from The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.
“The walking fingers logo has been around since the inception of the product,” said Clint Pollard, executive vice president of marketing for the YPPA. “But the new logo, a light bulb, with the tagline–‘Get an idea’–really helps us position the product.”
–Jim Osterman