Finalists Await Word

The battle for the $4.6 million account of the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau is heating up as it reaches a final showdown this week.
A selection process that began in February will be decided this Thursday when the three San Antonio finalists make 30-minute presentations before the city council.
The Center for the Persuasive Arts, which has held the contract since 1983, is competing against the only two other agencies to respond to the request for proposal: Bromley Communications and Inventiva.
After presentations and site visits in June, The Center for the Persuasive Arts scored highest on a 100-point scale, but only a half point more than Bromley Communications. Inventiva was a distant third.
It was a close call, so the committee amended its scoring method with median and mean scores, after removing the agencies’ high and low tallies. Under this tabulation Bromley Communications edged in front and was declared winner 13-3 in a secret ballot. Inventiva failed to register a vote. The decision now goes before the city council for approval.
“It’s very heated,” said Bromley Communications spokesperson Deborah Vallejo. “Who knows what is going to happen? It’s close and it’s a fun game.”
Steven Atkins, president and chief executive officer of The Center for the Persuasive Arts, said: “What you will see in the final outcome is a strong representation of common sense. I am confident that . . . our proposal will be ratified as having the most in-depth research, the strongest strategic positioning and the most compelling creative representative of this destination.”