Final Take

BBDO Chicago staffers faced the cold reality of human mortality when shooting a new public service announcement for the nonprofit Health Watch Information and Promotion Service.
Focusing on adult HIV/AIDS prevention, the TV spot, breaking nationally this week, features visuals of bodies on gurneys and morgue detail shots, while the text exhorts viewers to take precautions.
“We didn’t want it to be hip or hype or Hollywood glitz,” said BBDO creative director Gwen Dawkins.
To get the effect the creative team had in mind, the shoot was done in a busy Toronto morgue late on a Friday night. While the crew was filming, eight bodies were brought in, Dawkins said.
“Nothing could prepare you for a night in the morgue,” she said. “It was a night of extremes. … None of us slept for a week after that.” –Jenn Goddu