Filter Touts ‘Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter’

NEW YORK Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter. That’s the premise and title of a new reality show on We, the women’s entertainment cable channel, which premieres this Friday.

To promote the show, New York-based Filter created a campaign consisting of two 30-second TV spots that break today and will be seen on E!, Nick at Nite, CMT and elsewhere. Print will appear in publications such as this week’s In Touch, Life and Style and People. Interactive executions are also in the media mix.

In one of the spots, ‘Raid’, Sandra Scott, the focus of the program, runs up to a home with several armed men in a scene familiar to anyone who has ever watched Cops. Just as they are about to burst through the door, Scott receives a call on her cell phone. It’s her child, with whom she proceeds to discuss her day at school while her armed and frustrated co-workers look on. After hanging up, she then kicks in the door.

“The one thing with the show that we wanted to capitalize on was the name,” said Chris Brignola, executive creative director at Filter. “We wanted to ask how does the wife and mom part affect being a bounty hunter and have some fun with that.”

While the client declined to put a figure on the cost of the campaign that will be running for a month, Kenetta Bailey, We’s svp, marketing, did say, “We focus on several shows per year, and this is the first key initiative of 2007 that will be in the top three of all spending that we’ll do all year.”