Mike Jablonski has a problem. He can’t break into indie films.

The fictional stuntman is the focus in a humorous new campaign for the Independent Film Channel, being created by Hungry Man Productions in New York. The cable channel is one of two (besides Sundance) that showcases indie films, and—as most people know—such movies aren’t big on action-packed stunts.

Hence the dilemma of Jablonski, who, in the campaign, tries and tries again to gain access to indie film sets to demonstrate his skills. In the 5-8 spots that will comprise the effort, Jablonski gets shot at, set on fire and thrown from a building, among other stunts.

This is the third campaign Hungry Man has done for IFC. The spots are going into production now and will break in-cinema in the fall.

Actors appearing in the work include Jon Favreau (Swingers), Luis Guzman (Traffic) and Sean Patrick Thomas (Save the Last Dance). Jablonski is played by newcomer Regan Burns.

“There are a lot of people who want to be in the indie world and will do anything to get there,” said Caroline Bock, svp of marketing for Bravo Networks, a Rainbow Media division that operates IFC. “In this case, it’s a stuntman.”