Fila Advises On Urban Etiquette

You’re taking an express train to West 4th Street to shoot hoops, but the subway is so packed you can’t get a handhold. What do you do?
Look around for someone good-looking to fall on? Hook your thumbs in the belt hoops of the biggest person you can find? Clear a path and your sinuses with a big, wet “Ah-choo?” Stand confidently, knowing the 2A Technology of your Fila Webber b-ball kicks will prevent you from bumping uglies with fellow passengers?
Those are questions being asked of Manhattan subway riders as part of the Fila/Modell’s subway survival quiz created by Foote, Cone & Belding, New York. The ads (one is show here), which began appearing in subway cars last week, were written by Aryeh Wiener. The art director is Scott Cimock.
Another ad deals with an issue that affects riders lucky enough to secure a seat: What to do if a massive construction worker sits on part of your Fila nylon workout jacket. A scorecard rates riders’ survival skill savvy. Depending on their answers, they will find themselves anywhere from the bush league to the all-star team.
–Jennifer Comiteau