Fighting Words

Horizon Media last week chided fellow media specialists who’ve recently lamented that sports telecasts do not draw as many young male viewers as they used to.
The shop placed an ad in last Tuesday’s New York Times asking, “Is your media services company living in the past?”
The ad quoted media buyers from a previous day’s Times story who said the task of finding young male demos on the dial had become increasingly difficult.
Carl Kotheimer, executive vice president, marketing at Horizon, insists the ad wasn’t meant to embarrass anyone.
“The intention wasn’t to start a war,” he said.
Added Aaron Cohen, Horizon’s director of national broadcast: “We were confounded that these guys were bereft of other ideas.”
Though he wouldn’t divulge any secrets, Cohen said that in addition to sports– football, baseball basketball and ESPN’s X-Games–young men watch Fox, the WB, and cable channels, such as MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central. –Justin Dini