‘Fight Science’ Tries Viral Game Tie-In

NEW YORK The National Geographic Channel has added a new game with a viral component to help promote two Fight Science specials airing at the end of January.

The program, which focuses on how science measures the greatness of a fighter, will debut two new installments: Mixed Martial Arts and Special Ops on Jan. 27.

The launch of the game, Fight Science: The Game, is intended to keep the show on the minds of viewers, remind them of when it will be airing and generate interest in the content of the program, said Brad Dancer, vp, research and digital media.

The viral element allows sending one of five challenges (Damage, Force, Reflex, Form and Balance) to friends.

“One of the cores of Fight Science is showing what’s behind the power. So, it’s not about fighting, it’s about the science behind fighting—the game is all about dexterity and science. It’s a fun game about the different elements that are found in Fight Science, balance and power and speed and agility,” said Dancer.

There are Practice and Black Belt Quest options, where participants can compete in all five categories and submit their scores to leader boards.

Jessica Rovello, chairman of game software creator Arkadium, said one of the challenges in creating the game was to keep a distance from actual hand-to-hand combat, person versus person, and therefore translating that into something that would be fun to play online. “That’s not really what the show is about and they wanted to stay true to the show,” she said. “That was kind of an interesting challenge especially for the demographic that we’re targeting and that are playing these games and who are used to playing these games on their consoles.”

The game officially launches next week. There is an online campaign for the entire site, which includes the game. Dancer said National Geographic would also tout the game on-air, as a part of the package promoting the Web site.