Fifth Third Bank “Robes”

No one wants to be that guy, but we all know the type — the idiotic roommate who doesn’t always remember to pay his share of the rent, applies for credit cards just to get free promotional junk and spends whatever money he does have on what he calls unbelievable bargains: like $700 for stolen musical equipment (and matching track suits) for his band. “That guy” is Kyle, a fiscally challenged young adult who is seen in a variety of money messes in a new campaign for Fifth Third Bank. In this commercial, and his housemates decide they are spending too much to heat areas of their home they don’t use, like the ceiling, so they wrap themselves in Snuggies instead. “Don’t be that guy,” warns the voiceover. “Always have an emergency savings fund.” The campaign is goofy enough to catch the target: college and high school students. The financial mistakes presented here are humorously juvenile, but adults can relate to those fumbles, even if they’ve never invested in blankets-with-sleeves or keytars. –Eleftheria Parpis