Field Trip To Marlboro

Crispin Porter & Bogusky has done some brazen things for its anti-tobacco client in Florida, but a new TV spot is the personification of brass.
Early commercials in the Miami agency’s “Truth” campaign had teenagers telephoning tobacco executives and asking leading questions about the ways those companies target teens and young adults.
Now there’s a spot where two members of the so-called “truth squad” drive up to the Philip Morris offices in Richmond, Va., and ask to see the Marlboro man.
“We were going to have the kids ask to speak to the Marlboro man in some of the earlier spots, but we never got around to it,” said CP&B copywriter Tom Adams.
In the ad, which broke this week, the pair never gets farther than the front gate, where they ask an apparently clueless security guard if they can see the icon.
“[The front gate] was as far as we thought they’d be able to go,” said agency art director Dave Clemans.
CP&B was well aware that the actor who portrayed the smoking cowboy for Philip Morris died several years ago. –Jim Osterman