In this season of holidays galore, Admerasia has created a TV spot for Indian-goods e-tailer Namaste.com that marks the Indian holiday Diwali, the Festival of Lights, with appropriate cheer.

A TV spot by the New York shop was slated to break this weekend for the Chicago-based client. In it, a voiceover cites products Namaste.com sells for Diwali, cele-brated throughout October, that include diyas (small colored lanterns) and mithai (festive food).

A boy and girl create a flower design with colored sand on the path in their front yard. Gleaming di-yas lead from there to their house. The tagline: “Bring India home.”

“Diwali is synonymous with India,” said Peter DeSouza, shop svp, client services, noting the strategy is to convey “experiencing India in America.” He added: “It’s the juxtaposing of two cultures.”

The TV spot is running on broadcast and cable. Print ads are also running nationally in publications such as India Today and India Express; the ads are tagged, “Bring home Diwali.”

Namaste.com is a division of EthnicGrocer.com.