Fertility and Artificial Life

Fertility and Artificial Life

The creation of life, artificial and otherwise, through technology has become a central theme in a pair of regional marketing initiatives.

For the Fertility Center of New England, the Melton Agency, Foxboro, Mass., has developed a direct mail piece to increase doctor referrals to the center.

An effort was made to balance the scientific and human elements of artificial insemination, said agency president Mark Melton.

The brochure shows a road in Santa Fe, N.M., and reads, “How far would your patients with fertility problems go to conceive a baby? Now, they only have to go as far as Dedham.”

Artificial Life, Boston, a provider of software robots for the Internet, announced the creation of Banner Bots—”intelligent,” animated characters embedded with standard banner advertisements. The characters are intended to enhance an advertiser’s online presence by entertaining, educating, and leading users to where they want to go by responding to questions instantaneously.