Fender and Jose Cuervo Just Made a Guitar Out of Agave

New Stratocaster built from the tequila plant

The Strat is the latest interesting way the tequila-maker found to use the plant. Jose Cuervo
Headshot of Christine Birkner

Tequila has long inspired musicians and undoubtedly added fuel to many a rock ’n’ roll show. Now, Fender and Jose Cuervo have teamed up to create a guitar made from the agave plant called the Cuervo x Fender Agave Stratocaster.

“The song ‘Tequila’ was inspired by Jose Cuervo, and a few years ago, we partnered with the Rolling Stones [on a limited edition bottle], so we have a long-standing history in music,” said Danny Mandelbaum, brand director at Jose Cuervo. “This is a great way to show our roots in music.”

The new Strat is just the latest in a series of efforts from Jose Cuervo to find interesting ways to use recycled agave. Its Jose Cuervo Foundation has been working with farmers and craftsmen to provide secondary uses for the plant. So far, the foundation has created a surfboard, clothing, lotions, soap and paper from agave. It also teamed up with Ford to produce car parts made from recycled agave.

The initiative with Fender, which recently stepped up its own efforts to target the next generation of musicians, was a worthy addition to Cuervo’s sustainability efforts, Mandelbaum said.

“Both brands are dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, so it was a natural fit,” he said. “It adds to our brand equity, helps local communities and promotes sustainability, which is great for us.”

Evan Jones, CMO of Fender, agreed. “It’s our ambition to continually elevate the guitar in culture,” he said. “For that reason, this collaboration with Jose Cuervo is exciting for Fender, given its unique take on creativity and craftsmanship.”

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