Feeling A Little Down At Heel

“Total domination and complete power” are the product attributes KSV Communicators wants to convey in a print ad promoting Nordica USA’s 1998 Grand Prix Exopower ski boots.
The ad shows a bald slacker on his knees before the boots in an openmouthed position of worship.
Mike Bisner, director of marketing for Nordica winter products, did not shrink from the ad’s kinky connotations.
“Skiing has seen a radical change in demographics over the last few years,” Bisner said. “The hard-core feel of the ad indicates how Nordica is targeting the rapidly expanding youth market.”
Yoram Samets, creative director of the Burlington, Vt., agency, credited the client with “having the guts to allow us to communicate what [the boots’] state-of-the-art technology really means to the consumer-total domination and complete power.”
The ad (shown here), part of a larger KSV campaign for Nordica, is slated to appear in the September issue of Powder magazine and the fall issue of Warren Miller’s Ski World.
-David Gianatasio