FedEx “Matador”

You’re the creative team at BBDO, and you’ve just been told to advertise a FedExCup-related sweepstakes with golf trips up for grabs. What do you do? Fashion a scenario with a chubby guy in a skin-tight matador outfit and various other costumed office drones angling to move up the leader board, of course. Normally, I dislike workplace humor in ads because it’s been done to death. Not so here on several counts. Though the “quirky” acting’s kind of cliched, the performers are appealing, and the attention to visual detail — a bag of clubs propped up by the window, the “caddy” standing at the ready — ups the score. Besides, I find the spot fairly true to life. I’ve worked with some golf fanatics though the years who wouldn’t just don the horns; they’d wrestle el toro in the break room for a chance to indulge their obsession on a world-class course overseas. And that’s no bull. –David Gianatasio