FedEx “Carpool”

For golf enthusiasts the opportunity to play an exotic overseas course for free is a dream come true. FedEx promotes its FedExCup Global Golf Sweepstakes with humorous spots that bring golf fantasies to life in the middle of their daily activities, like driving to the office and working. In this 30-second spot, carpoolers find their ride transformed into a golf cart in the middle of their commute, causing confusion amongst the passengers who wonder why they are suddenly slowing down traffic. Paul the driver is daydreaming about winning the contest, explains the co-worker sitting beside him. Soon enough their slacks become kilts, which means he’s picturing playing in Scotland. “Wait a minute, they don’t use golf carts in Scotland,” one guy points out, sending the cart screeching to a halt and the team running in the middle of highway traffic to get to work with briefcases that have become golf bags. “We understand,” says the onscreen copy. “You want to golf the world.”–Eleftheria Parpis